installing program in kubuntu

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Wed Jun 20 01:07:44 BST 2007

Stew Schneider wrote:
> Matthew Flaschen wrote:
>> Tim M wrote:
>>> Automatix and Easyubuntu (which I have never heard of) load software and
>>> drivers that are not free . . . not licensed maybe. I don't know but I do
>>> know that it is extremely hard for a person that doesn't have a lot of
>>> experience to get a sound system working,
>> That's ridiculous.  Automatix doesn't provide any extra sound drivers,
>> and almost all sound cards are supported by the vanilla kernel.
> No, it's not ridiculous. Getting sound to work correctly on some systems 
> is a major headache. It's not just the codecs. Sometimes (as in my two
> bad-boy boxes at the non-profit) you simply have no sound, and no
> clear way to diagnose it.

But Automatix does nothing to help this!

Matt Flaschen

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