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> >     The use of Automatix is discouraged by the Ubuntu developers, and
> >     it is completely unnecessary for installing Firefox, which is free
> >     software
> >
> What is the current position of the developers on Easyubuntu? I have two
> non-profits that now decide they want to listen to music. For the life
> of me I can't get Dapper to play tunes on either machine. I thought
> perhaps Easyubuntu might help.
> s

Automatix and Easyubuntu (which I have never heard of) load software and
drivers that are not free . . . not licensed maybe. I don't know but I do
know that it is extremely hard for a person that doesn't have a lot of
experience to get a sound system working, play a DVD and other tasks without
spending many hours researching how to simply play a tune in Ubuntu. I don't
mind the search and asking questions but many people just want the program
"to play tunes" and not have to spend hours figuring it out. Right now I am
trying hard to figure out how to get Audacity to play a tune! It isn't easy.

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