installing program in kubuntu

Andrew M baseballnut at
Tue Jun 19 19:42:10 UTC 2007

OK, here's a step by step:

Open Konsole (K Menu>Utilites)
Type (without the quotes) "sudo apt-get install firefox"
Hit enter
Type in password and hit Enter
Watch Firefox install

Also, you may consider installing KPackage (sudo apt-get install
kpackage).  Then, you'll be able to doubleclick on a .deb and it will
open and let you install it.

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Robert Menes wrote:
>> You need to use the Adept Package Manager to install Firefox.
>> It's a whole different universe with Linux...
> True (well, with Debian-based distros), but I find repos make things easier.
> Matt Flaschen

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