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Tue Jun 19 18:03:55 UTC 2007

On 6/19/07, dicky s <woi_dik at> wrote:
> i want to install firefox from feisty fawn cd. can
> somebody tell me step by step installation processes?
> i tried installing as if i worked in windows, i click
> its setup icon (looks like gear) but then there was a
> window asking me what program to open it. i did not
> know,but i thought it might be adept. but still,i did
> not know what to do later. i uses kubuntu
> 7.04,installed from cd i requested from ShipIt
> project. this is my first linux. thanks.
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Hi Dicky,

You need to use the Adept Package Manager to install Firefox.

It's a whole different universe with Linux...


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