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Martin Laberge mlsoft at videotron.ca
Tue Jun 19 16:10:58 UTC 2007

On June 17, 2007 07:35:32 Nils Kassube wrote:
> Larry Hartman wrote:
> > Is this rant or humor....it certainly brightened my day!  I needed a
> > good laugh.   Perhaps you can help em along a little quicker in to
> > reachieve the pop mindset by giving them a CD with the latest windows
> > viruses?
> Hmm, isn't that distribution of viruses? Do you have a lisence from the 
> authors? To be on the safe side you might just give them the link to this 
> article:
> http://blog.lobby4linux.com/index.php?/archives/49-Helios-Extracts-Microsoft-Stupid-Tax-From-Windows-User.html
> Or the follow-up here:
> http://blog.lobby4linux.com/index.php?/archives/53-What-Part-of-Virus-and-Spyware-Didnt-You-Understand.html
> OK, I don't know if the site mentioned there is still active and / or 
> malicious, but at least it is nice to read.
> Nils

WOW !!!

I just bookmarked these two articles and visited them with konqueror.

I accessed the infected site with konqueror, and laughed at the results.

I would not like to have visited the infected site in question with MS-IE,
so I am sure it would have been very dangerous to do so, 
even without clicking on anything ,
once you see that is not the thing you searched for.
It is just too late ....

With konqueror, I have examined these sources, and laughed at what tried to do...
(with the confidence that it would not harm my machine in any way, whatever it would be)

I will keep the bookmark to the infected site, 
just in case someone with a windows machine
argue with me that it is not possible...

I would maybe send them these links and see if they are stupid enough to follow the links
even if it is enclosed with full infection warnings...

I find it a marvel of the technology and human stupidity 
that 90% of the world will use a gaming machine (Windows)
to administer en enterprise.

What happenned in the last 15 years in the IT market just surprise me,
but I can understand the tendency of the users to have something who look good,
instead of something who works well.

I just can't understand the tendency of managers to equip users with
something who look good, instead of something who works well.

I am still laughing, and questionning myself...

Martin Laberge
mlsoft at videotron.ca

30 years of unix admin... and still learning!

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