Fresh Install No SMB or NFS installed?!

Chris kubuntu at
Tue Jun 19 03:39:03 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,
I have a simple question.  In Ubuntu I'm pretty sure that SMB and NFS is  
I just loaded up a fresh install of Kubuntu and went to do a shared smb
folder and I got an error that reads "SMB and NFS are not installed on
this machine to enable this module the servers must be installed"  Is
this normal that neither networking protocol isn't installed by default?
When I do a search from ADEPT for "smb" it finds "smbclient" as being
installed and some others that are related. Is there something else
that's missing?

When I do a search for "nfs" in ADEPT nothing is marked as "installed".
Which ones are requrired to install to get the nfs server working?

Thanks guys

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