Beryl issues in Kubuntu 7.04

Sundar Dhanasekaran sundar261 at
Tue Jun 19 00:38:08 UTC 2007

> Hello,
> I'd recommand that you try Compiz instead of seems to be much
> more stable. See the postings for "Desktop Effects" 
> Chris

I'll give compiz a try.

I had been using Beryl with Feisty & Dapper till couple of weeks or so 
back.  It was working like a dream.   Just followed the install 
instructions on the Beryl Project Wiki for Ubuntu / NVIDIA cards.  The 
troubleshooting section for Nvidia cards on the wiki was really helpful 
in couple of issues I had.  Beryl was very stable.

I had removed kubuntu to try out FC7 and Debian.  Now I am back with 
feisty but Beryl is not stable anymore (I followed the same installation 
procedures for Beryl and Nvdia drivers).  May the version of Beryl 
and/or drivers might have changed.  I have resolved the black screen 
problem I was having but Beryl is not stable still.

Compiz might be worth trying and fun too :)


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