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Neil Winchurst neil at
Mon Jun 18 17:28:32 UTC 2007

Further to my last few emails - I have been using knoda as a front-end
to mysql. So far I have been very pleased with it. Recently I wrote
about having a search facility to look through the table for a name or
post-code or whatever. This is different from a select in sql as it
just moves through the table to the relevant record but still leaves
all the records viewable.

Well, after some head scratching trying to follow the help manual for
hk_classes I have got it sorted. At least, partly sorted. I can now
search for a name and I will get taken to the relevant record or told
that it is not found. You can set up a form based on a table or a
query or on a view. And, further, a view can be based on a table or on a

So now, I have my records showing in name order and I can go straight
to a record with my search facility. It took some thinking but now its

Now for some more reading of the hk_classes help files!!

Anyway, the knoda - mysql setup is highly recommended.

Neil Winchurst

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