AMD deciding _now_ what to do about Linux

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Mon Jun 18 13:49:22 BST 2007

On Monday 18 June 2007, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>On 17/06/07, Gene Heskett <gene.heskett at> wrote:
>> I've always been partial to AMD because I have a tendency to support the
>> underdog, and I think I have a hell of a lot of company in the linux field
>> who think likewise.  If they tell us to go pound sand again, they _will_
>> see it not only in card & chipset sales for cards, but in cpu sales to
>> geek builders like me as well.  Down to zip that is.  If their sales
>> people don't grok that, well...  It was nice knowing you AMD, but I'm
>> taking the next corner to Intel.
>For much the same reason I've usually built with AMD. Also, with
>proper cooling and a decent BIOS, one can very safely overclock most
>AMD processors about 20%. I don't dare go over 10% with an Intel, and
>often don't touch them at all. Truth is, I didn't even consider to
>stop buying AMD processors, just graphics cards (ATI). It kind of
>hurts me to jump camp. But, I've _always_ voted with my wallet and
>you're right. Intel's 950 graphic cards supposedly work fine in the
>Inspiron (my model laptop). Although, the Intel processor in this
>lappy is _always_ hot, even with the fan in full swing.
>Dotan Cohen

I think they all run too hot.  I've a Zallman flower on this xp-2800, running 
at 2ghz actual, and its idling temp is about 140F even right after it been 
cleaned up, the dust bunnies blown from the fins and recoated with artic 
silver, something I have to do at least annually.  And its about due, the 
amanda run every night runs it up over 150F.  ISTR the shutdown point of this 
particular chip is set for 175F internally.

Motherboard designs, poor ones or ones with well aged filter caps, can also 
make those temps skyrocket.  I had a biostar board made during the capacitor 
scandal and an xp-1400 running at 1400 in this box for several years that 
always ran in the 170F range.  The video card failed & took the motherbard 
with it so I rebuilt with a new board, memory & this xp-2800.  Eventually I 
needed a decent box to run my milling machine so I bought a Mach-Speed board 
and put that xp-1400, its aftermarket fan, and memory on it.  The nearest 
jumper setting I can find runs it at 1600 mhz, 200 mhz faster and it runs at 
only about 120F on that board.  I thought maybe sesnors was lying to me, but 
a finger laid on the base of the cooler says even less than 120F to me.  

Needless to say, when next I build up this box again, I'll look carefully at 
the Mach-Speed offerings to see if they have one with enough slots since I'm 
always out of slots and probably have a dozen or more usb thingies plugged in 
too.  6 ports on the mobo, 4 on a usb1.1 front panel breakout hub plugged 
into the mobo, and a 7 port alps hub, & everything but the front panel is 

Cheers, Gene
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