speech to text: vmware

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at bellsouth.net
Sat Jun 16 19:25:34 UTC 2007

On Saturday 16 June 2007 11:32:57 am D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Saturday 16 June 2007, Dexter Filmore wrote:
> > Looks like you can print that on a tshirt.
> > My very first thought here was "install vmware and win xp and slam Dragon
> > on it".
> In my case, this ended up being what drove him back to Windows entirely, so
> he could run Dragon, which proved to be huge waste of time.  He was never
> happy with it.
> That was OK though.  I was glad to get him off of Linux, to be honest about
> it.  I have gotten almost everyone back off of Linux by now.  Just one more
> to go, I think.  Let Microsoft deal with their stupid questions, or their
> network of fellow stupid Windows users.  All these little ordinary
> non-computer-geeky nitwit types live in little community herds whose
> activities are driven by the tides of pop online culture, and anything that
> doesn't fit neatly into that culture is an infinite source of
> problems.  "Kyra said she wants me to get on Blimmlewitz.com, and it says I
> need the Blatherdink plugin, but I don't see a Blatherdink plugin for
> Linux? Blatherdink just came out 15 minutes ago, but everyone is using it
> now, and Linux is totally useless to me without it.  I can't live without
> ARGH!!!!!!!!!!
> I guess I'm losing my religion.  The more of this crap I've suffered over
> the years, the more grateful I've been when they finally DID go back to
> Windows, to become somebody else's problem.  Then they can take care of
> each other, and somebody else can walk them through the process of getting
> their computers infected up with every strain of malware imaginable, in the
> eternal persuit of better and better emoticons.  "To install this really
> cute picture, you have to re-enable ActiveX controls.  You want to
> re-enable ActiveX controls, don't you?  That's a good girl."
> ARGH!!!!!!!!!!
> Sorry, I'm in a ranty sort of mood this morning, and I'm really grumpy
> today. Bah humbug.  <shakes fist>
> --
> D. Michael McIntyre

Is this rant or humor....it certainly brightened my day!  I needed a good 
laugh.   Perhaps you can help em along a little quicker in to reachieve the 
pop mindset by giving them a CD with the latest windows viruses?


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