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Sat Jun 16 17:20:52 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-06-16 at 09:54 -0500, Peter Niedzinski wrote:

        in Fiesty you should be able to get beryl through Adept-Manager,
        just search for Beryl and what you need should pop up.
        On 6/16/07, Donn<donn.ingle at> wrote:
        > Ubuntu has a 'desktop effects' section where you can turn on a
        couple of 
        > beryl-like effects. Has Kubuntu got something similar?
        I just live-cd booted into Ubuntu and saw those 2 (count them)
        options. How do
        you get the other cool effects (or more control) under Gnome?
        Under Kubuntu.. sorry - no idea. I tried to install Beryl (or
        whatever) under
        Kubuntu Dapper but the Beryl Wiki only has a page full of spam
        links.. :(
        I'm sure Feisty is very different - but I can't say.
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Hi guys,
To load the options that Gnome has for the 3d effects all you need to do
is install a few items.  Go into Adept and search for "compiz", you will
see a few options show up. Install, "compiz", "compiz-core",
"compiz-kde" and "gnome-compiz-manager".  After that's installed you
will see a new option in the K menu that's reads "Settings" (this is
actually the menu from Gnome) you will find that you'll be able to turn
the effects on...and if your graphic card is supported it will work...if
you find that it doesn't work make sure your graphics card is supported
with the correct driver. Almost all the machines that I've tested this
on is using on board Intel graphic from the 845 to the 965 series..the
9## series is very very good as far as performance...the 8## series is a
bit slower...but sill functions decent.

Very important. There are some weird anomalies that accrue with Kubuntu
(or KDE in general) that you should be aware of that can be fixed very
First after you enable the effects you should see an option that reads
"Do you want to keep these settings" choose "keep settings" to keep the
effects on. Now you may notice that your desktop selection applet in
your panel is only showing one desktop.  If this is what your seeing,
right click and choose "configure desktops" bring the slider to that it
indicates more than four 5 or on "apply".  You
may now see a lot more than 5 or 6 desktops in the panel...this seems to
be normal. Now bring the slider to show only one desktop and click
"apply" this should make it so that the panel desktop selector
shows...4..if this doesn't show four then go back into the "Gl Desktop"
under "settings" from the K menu and select the "cube and rotation"
option under the "workspaces" tab and select 4 for the number of view
ports.  The panel desktop selection applet should 4 desktops...although
the tool tip will indicate "Desktop 1" for all of them....this is what
happens when the compiz 3d effects is designed for Gnome and nothing

Another thing that you'll notice in KDE when these effects are turned is
that certain window elements won't work like before.  An example of this
is if you were using the Window decoration called Keramik.  If you have
the effect on, then the window title will not have that nice rounded
section that the title is placed into.  Little things like that tell you
that these effects were designed for the much more plain, Gnome.

I hope this help you guys

I hope that helps guys,


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