To Kubuntu, or not to Kubuntu? That is the question!

Paul Lemmons paul at
Fri Jun 15 22:26:26 UTC 2007

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Subject: Re:To Kubuntu, or not to Kubuntu? That is the question!
From: Matthew Flaschen <matthew.flaschen at>
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Date: 06/15/2007 03:08 PM
> Paul Lemmons wrote:
>> The two apps that I use a lot and are windows only are "Quicken" and a 
>> Bible study program called "PC Study Bible 5 Professional". I have 
>> looked at the Linux substitutes and they are simply not up to the task. 
>> For Quicken, I have an older desktop computer running Windows in a back 
>> office in my house. I RDP to it to run Quicken. That works great for me. 
>> The Bible study software, though, I want to take with me on my laptop. 
>> For that I installed Crossover Office from Codeweaver. Yes, I could have 
>> figured out how to do it with Wine (maybe) but the software is well 
>> worth the price for the number of hours of work it saved me.
> Did you actually try wine?  It doesn't always require any configuration.
> Matt Flaschen
Nope, it was worth $40 for me to have it simply work.

Sometimes I wonder.  Were our faith able to stand upright and look around, would it be looking down at the mustard seed or standing in awe of the height and bredth of it.

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