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Andrew Jarrett jarrett.andrew at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 20:25:11 UTC 2007

On 6/15/07, Jeremy Anderson <jeremy at jdli.net> wrote:
> O.k. Does anyone have any place to point me to a packaged, working, not too
> difficult to set up speech to text software for kubuntu/linux. I feel like I
> am chasing my tail looking on the net. It would be helpful if this is
> something that you yourself are currently using or trying out. I am not dumb
> about how to compile and do things in linux and have been a user for more
> than a few years. I just am a lead network engineer for a voip and isp
> company so I have limited time to mess around with this particular piece. I
> am not against research and figuring it out myself I just can't seem to find
> something that is not still in beta.
> Jeremy

I wish I could give you some more information, but I've never had the
need to mess around with text-to-speech software.  I have heard some
buzz about a program named festival, but I think it is more of a
"back-end" than a "front-end".  However, I did a little bit of
searching and found that when it is paired with a program called
"kttsmgr" then it could probably do what you want it to (i.e. it
should be able to read this email to you).  Like I said, I am not
familiar with this software, but there probably are more front-ends
for festival if you don't like kttsmgr.

Here is the link:


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