To Kubuntu, or not to Kubuntu? That is the question!

Tim M southern.tim at
Fri Jun 15 12:28:35 UTC 2007

Your post didn't mention whether your computer is a laptop or desktop. I
started using Ubuntu about two years ago. I have no knowledge of
programming. I simply put a second hard drive into my desktop system and
install Ubuntu. A few months ago I sent off for the CD of Kubuntu and did a
clean install just a few weeks ago. I very seldom boot into XP and when I do
it is only to make scans. Which leads me to the drawback to Linux.

My Visioneer scanner will not work under Linux and you will find some of
your peripherals will not work as well or at all without a lot of research
and trail and error. I have spent weeks trying to get a webcam to work and
my Epson printer, while it works, doesn't seem to have the control I have
over it in XP. But the printer works okay for my needs and I can get the
webcam to work sometimes. So these problems are very small and I can always
boot into XP if I need to use my scanner or print some photos.

The support you can get with Ubuntu and Kubuntu is truly amazing. When you
have a problem it is easy to find answers by googling or posting to or to this list. Another very  helpful program is
Automatix @ www.*getautomatix*.com/ With that program you can install
software and drivers easily.

I have really enjoyed Kubuntu and would recommend that you give it a try
either with the CD-Live or installing it on a second hard drive.

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