To Kubuntu, or not to Kubuntu? That is the question!

Jordi Ferrando Fabra jferrando at
Fri Jun 15 11:06:24 UTC 2007

In my experience, you will not be able to live without your windows...
Unless you have some 1.5+ Gigs of RAM and install and VMWare'd copy of 
Windows ...
In this case, you can "survive", and gradually get rid of the "bad 
windows habbits and applications".

Installing wmware is not very difficult, this is a tutorial:

And this is a "patch" when installing wmware in kubuntu feisty

Nevertheless, my personal experience, being with Linux in servers and 
desktop for over 3 years now, it is worth the time... freedom, 
powerfulness, lack of viruses, statibility, money when deploying in 
customers, ...

Good luck
>    Hello everyone!
> I'm seriously considering of installing and using Kubuntu onto my PC.
> I want to get rid off Windows but I have absolutelly no knowledge of 
> programming!!!
> My question is: Should I read a brochure or book before installing 
> Kubuntu? Or can I install
> it and find my way through???
> How hard is it to deal with Kubuntu after 10 years of Windows use, not 
> having past experience with Linux?
> Thanks for spending your time reading that mail! Hope to get an answer!

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