Skype telephone giveaway- but not for Linux users

Lee Eschen ashgrove at
Fri Jun 15 00:43:38 BST 2007

> This practice of "competition" is inhibiting our ability to develop and 
> distribute the software that we want in the manner we want to do so.
It is only restricting you from doing so on the backs of the original 
developers.  If you want to write your own software to accomplish the 
same function, you are free to do so.  It sounds to me like you are just 
too lazy to write your own and want to steal the developments of others.
> You're using flawwed arguments to support unjust practices.
You have no concept of logical debate, have you, manchicken?  The other 
person's argument will always be flawed to you.  You start from a 
completely different mindset and if you want others to understand your 
position, you have to explain it to them in rational terms.  Merely 
accusing your audience of flawed arguments goes nowhere.  It is not a 
valid technique of rational argument.

Lee Eschen

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