Skype telephone giveaway- but not for Linux users

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Wed Jun 13 15:01:52 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 13 June 2007, manchicken wrote:
> You're intentionally missing the point.  It's not about giving things away,
> it's about not restricting people.

No, I don't think I'm missing the point.  (but I am quickly losing interest in 
this discussion)

How can you modify  Skype's code if they don't "give it to you"????

If you don't have the code, you can't modify it!

Did I miss something here?

> This practice of "competition" is inhibiting our ability to develop and
> distribute the software that we want in the manner we want to do so.  We'd
> love to distribute DVD players, but thanks to proprietary codecs we're not
> able to.  We'd love to have free software 3D drivers for video cards so
> that we can reliably use compositing and develop 3D video games, but thanks
> to this competition that you are praising these things are not possible
> right now.
> You're using flawwed arguments to support unjust practices.

And you are asking companies to "give away" their  hardware specs, such as 
NVidia.  Those specs are PROPRIETARY and they have every right to keep them 
that way.

Just where is the flaw in my argument??     You are free to write your own 
NVidia driver... just as someone already has.   Just don't expect NVidia to 
give you all the details of their PROPRIETARY hardware.

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