Skype telephone giveaway- but not for Linux users

manchicken manchicken at
Wed Jun 13 12:53:33 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 12 June 2007 17:41:36 Bruce Marshall wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 June 2007, manchicken wrote:
> > Please forgive me for valuing freedom.  I was merely brought up to think
> > that taking someone's freedom away was wrong.  If you're okay with such
> > atrocities that's your thing... just don't be surprised when I choose to
> > oppose the restriction of freedom and all who approve of it.
> Who's taking your freedom away?   You have a choice to use proprietary
> software or not.  That's freedom of choice.
> There's nothing Skype can do to take freedom from you.  Just don't use
> their software.

I was talking about freedom.  I asked a question about freedom and received an 
answer about freedom.  Didn't you see the rest of the thread?  A choice of 
masters is most certainly not freedom.  When Skype lets people develop a free 
software client then your argument becomes valid.  Until then you're just 
arguing a warped definition of freedom.

There is something skype could do to violate both your freedom and your 
privacy.  Their license is implicit (not requiring signature) and forces you 
into their terms without any other choice if you want/need to use skype.  
Their client is proprietary and so is their network, so nobody really knows 
what they are and are not recording.

As I said before, if these aren't your ethics then that's your choice.  I, 
however, will continue to oppose proprietary software regardless of your 
dislike for my opinions and ethics.

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