installing Kubuntu 7 with other fedora distro

hicham hichamlinux at
Wed Jun 13 10:56:47 UTC 2007

Hello everybody
 I 've decided to install kubuntu 7.0.4 with a fedora and win xp in my
hard disk, i thought  I could share my fedora share swap partition
along with kubuntu
had anybody done this ? without any problems
to just no mix things , I've created a kubuntu swap partition, but the
kubuntu installer considers fedora swap partition as well as a swap
partition to use
how do i make the kubuntu installer ignore fedora swap partition

I've mistakenly installed kubuntu grub boot loader on main MBR boot of
the HD , where as I meant to put it on the kubuntu linux partition,
how do I achieve that ?

thanks a lot


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