KDE & Network questions

ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Jun 13 08:13:02 UTC 2007

Ian Whitfield wrote:
> Hi! - From a returning (but very "newby" Linux user)

welcome back!

> After doing an install and set-up of Vista for a friend it finally 
> caused me to look at Linux again after a few years. I had been reading 
> the good reports that UBUNTU was getting so decided to give it a try. 
> What a difference a few years makes, I'm VERY impressed with what I see!!!
> So I've set up two computers through a KVM switch to run my Windows XP 
> and Ubuntu 7.04 and to migrate everything over to the Linux system. 
> However I have a few questions.....
> 1) What advice can you give me on Gnome Vs KDE? Which is best - or is 
> this a stupid question?

KDE is a bit more full fat than gnome, is slightly heavier on 
resources too. I prefer kde an dhav eused it on everything for severla 
years, however, with time I am coming to appreciate gnome.

> 2) With my limited info it seems as if KDE is the GUI of choice so I 
> decided to try it. The Web site tells me to select 
> Applications>Add/Remove>Advanced and to select KDE Data Base. BUT I 
> cannot find and 'Advanced' option or any mention of 'KDE Data Base'. 
> Some help here would be appreciated

If you have ubuntu (gnome environment) installed and want to use or 
try kde the easy way - you could install the package
You will then have the option at login to choose between gnome and 
kde. When installing this, you need to choose which desktop manager to 
use -  you have gdm (gnome) at the moment, so you could stay with 
that, I think kdm gives you a kde looking login screen.

> 3) I use the Windows Contact Manager 'Maximizer' and must have a Linux 
> equiv. What can you recommend. I've looked at Kontact and like it but 
> there seems to be no way of storing eMails and letters under each 
> persons name? (Must have this!!)
> 4) I cannot get the Linux machine to 'read' my Windows Network. It goes 
> as far as the MSHOME network name and then reports nothing to display. 
> I'm sure I've omitted something - can you advise. (BTW by data is in a 
> FAT 32 partition on the Windows machine!!)

I recall I had to ensure the windows machines had to have a login 
password - Identity had something to do with it I think, not sure.


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