Linux databases

Stew Schneider stew.schneider at
Tue Jun 12 01:13:09 UTC 2007

Paul Lemmons wrote:
> The second is knoda. It has a more MS Access flavor and I like it real 
> well. I have not used it extensively, though so your millage may vary. 
> It is Linux only but I think, if I read your post correctly, that is 
> what you are looking for anyway.
For the few times I've played at data basing, what has always stopped me
were the forms and reports that Access facilitates. There never seems to
be a way to convert them. In other words, I'm usually faced with an
existing Access  db, complete with  forms, menus and reports, and
although I can move the data to a mySQL db, the forms (and the time
necessary to recreate them) stop me.

Anyone have suggestions how to migrate from an Access db, forms and all?


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