Upgrading programs

Andrew M baseballnut at gmail.com
Sun Jun 10 22:41:04 UTC 2007

In the case of Python, you probably have python2.4 installed.  You can
easily install the newest version by installing python2.5.

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
> On Sunday 10 June 2007, Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> python. When I installed Edgy I got version 2.4.4 of python. I see now
>> that the latest version is 2.5. However I never see that come up as a
>> choice when I am told that there are some upgrades available.
> A distro is a snapshot of different versions of packages that were all working 
> together in harmony at the time of release.  Package updates are intended to 
> fix security problems, address bugs that were discovered after release, etc., 
> but they should never change the version of a package without some really 
> unusual cause.  Basically, the only time a version will change is when 
> version x.y was riddled with gaping security holes, and version x.y+1 fixed 
> the problems in a way that could not be readily back-ported to version x.y.
> Some variation on this theme crops up very often around here.  "KDE released 
> version $MY_DISTRO_VERSION+3 and I want to get the new packages through my 
> package manager.  Help!"
> That's just now how Linux distros work--not just K/Ubuntu--unless you are 
> running something like Debian Sid, which is perpetually "unstable," and in 
> constant flux.
> So, the first thing you have to ask yourself is why you need Python 5.  Do you 
> really need it?  Why?  If you have a real reason for needing it (eg. you're a 
> Python developer, and you can't live another minute without the very latest 
> version), then your best bet may be to build it from source.

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