Master volume

Donn donn.ingle at
Sun Jun 10 06:48:12 UTC 2007

> Look for the level of the "PCM" part.  I have an HD audio and I had to make
> that channel the "master" because it also has a "LFE" channel that was not
> controlled by the normal "Master"  Once I turned, "Master" and "LFE" to the
> max I could use the PCM to control the volume.  The only problem I have is
> now I can't "mute" the sound.
I find volume under KDE to be super confusing. I have no clue what all those 
entries are in kmix ouput. I have to press the green lights and crank-up the 
sliders until I hear which ones do what.
At the moment my PCM and 3D Center are the two that (in tandem) control the 

I have found apps like xmms (music player) (and some games) seem to control 
the PCM volume and other apps (mostly KDE ones) control the other one (in my 
case 3D Center)

Is there any way to have one volume control? For example - I cannot use the 
scroll wheel on my mouse over the kmix icon to go from 100% (insane) to 0% 
(mute). In my case, when I get to 0% there is still substantial volume and I 
must go into the kmix control (or into xmms player) and turn it down *again*



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