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This is certainly not a big thing, but it is annoying. My LCD is 
connected via KVM to two boxes: one running Kubuntu 7.04, the other 
running XP. Both are set to 1280x1024/75 resolution.

However, when I switch from Linux to Windows, the display area is offset 
about quarter inch to my left. I have to push Autoadjust to center the 
screen. When I go back to Linux, I'm about a quarter inch to my right, 
and, again, I have to punch autoadjust.

Anybody know how to fix this? I don't have any idea where Windows stores 
it's information about the screen.



In XP:  Start>Control Panel> Display.
Go to the furthest tab to the right in the window that appears "settings"
and the monitor information and adjustments should be there.

Check to see if your monitor has a menu item that will let it 
automatically adjust without having to push the button.
WJ Seidl

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