Lightning strike

manchicken manchicken at
Sat Jun 9 02:24:57 UTC 2007

On Friday 08 June 2007 15:42:45 Stew Schneider wrote:
> OK...I just got hit by lightning. (Well... I didn't get hit -- the
> powerline did). The outage was way less than a second, so the machine
> kept going, but the video was out of sync, rolling diagonally, right to
> left, up to down.
> I powered down, unplugged, replugged and restarted. No video. I pushed
> auto on the LCD, and it failed. I powered down again, inserted a Knoppix
> 5.5 CD and powered up again. Everything worked fine.
> I restarted, removed the Knoppix CD and tried to boot Feisty from the
> HD. I got vertical lines on the right side of the screen. I touched auto
> on the LCD, and all is normal.
> Wha' hoppened? Why was Knoppix able to bring up video when I couldn't
> even get the Gateway logo during the post sequence?
> stew

Might you have lost your hard drive?

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