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Thu Jun 7 23:55:13 BST 2007

On 6/7/07, Art Alexion <art.alexion at> wrote:
> On Thursday, 24 May 2007 00:53, anthony baldwin wrote:
> > >I'm not talking about backing up, but rather making a separate
> partition
> > >so the folder won't be erased at all during reinstalls.
> > >
> > >Matt Flaschen
> Never used Fedora, but before switching to Warty, I used RedHat 5.2 - 7.3.
> The install guides always suggested separate partitions for
> /home
> /usr/local
> /boot
> /swap
> /opt
> The problem in those days was that drives were smaller so, unless you
> accurately predicted the partition size needs, you could end up out of
> space
> on a partition while having surplus space on another.
> Ubuntu's desire (as of warty) to only partition
> /
> /boot
> /swap
> seemed great at the time.  It does, however impede clean installs.
> So, as to the original question, he may also want to back up
> /usr/local
> /opt

Hi, I have been running Kubuntu for about a week, maybe more, after doing
the clean install. Before doing so I partitioned the other drive on this box
and simply copied my folder /home (which in this case is /tim) into the
partition. It took some juggling but I was able to import all my email, web
settings, pictures, and music without any problems. Everything is back the
way it was but without the problems I was having with my old copy of Ubuntu.
I admit I played around much to much with Ubuntu on this machine. From now
on my playing will be done on my backup machine.

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