Performance & keyboard issues after installing ubuntu desktop

Kevin Kempter kevin at
Mon Jun 4 16:42:50 UTC 2007

Hi All;

I installed Kubuntu 7.04 but could not get VPN access working. After some 
research I found that I needed some packages that seemed to be specific to 
the ubuntu desktop (i.e. gnome) so I installed the ubuntu desktop from adept. 
The VPN then worked fine. Next I ran some new updates including the new 
After a reboot my keyboard repeats the keys so quickly that I couldn't login 
due to repeated keys in my passwd each time. Took awhile to figure this out, 
I disabled this in the KDE control cntr and it seems ok now. The bigger issue 
is that now my system seems dog-slow, even when typing at the command line in 
a konsole window. 

I have 2 questions
(1) How do I debug this ?
(2) anyone know what specific packages I can install and get the VPN bit 
working without the need for all of ubuntu desktop?

Thanks in advance

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