Bruce Marshall <bmarsh at>

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Mon Jun 4 16:40:10 UTC 2007

On Monday 04 June 2007, Robin Taylor wrote:
> > Please help me.  When I finally figure out how to operate Kubuntu, I will
> > repay your kindness by answering the questions of other rockheads like me
> > and take that problem away from the forum.

Hey....  another old fart here answering your question......

The way *ubuntu is setup is to use the 'sudo' command to issue root commands.

I think if you're having this much trouble (nothing wrong with that)  that you 
shouldn't try for an su password at all.   Try the sudo route.  It will do 
what you want.

How-some-ever,  your problem with adept is not going to go away with an su or 
any other password by itself.   And I will tell you from experience, that you 
can't dig far enough to eliminate the problem with  bit twiddling.

I once posted to try:

dpkg -a --configure

but what I should have said was to use:

sudo dpkg -a --configure

Get yourself a console session and try that and post the results.

There are a few other incantations that can be tried but that's a start.

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