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&gt; Please help me.  When I finally figure out how to &gt; operate Kubuntu, I will repay your kindness by answering the questions of other &gt; rockheads like me and take that problem away from the forum. &gt; Thanks!To set the password for root dosudo passwdthis will prompt you to set an actual password for root.Yes, this is dangerous. VERY dangerous. I do it bu then I just run a desktop and don't worry too much about messing stuff up, rebuilding takes me about 2 hours, I just burn my home drive to a dvd and restore from that.People are probably going to tell me I shouldn't &quot;let the cat out of the bag&quot; on this but if you WANT that level of power then then here ya go.You've been warned :)Greg BoothPS: If you do sudo &lt;command&gt;  you put in YOUR password. You use su alone to Switch User to root and enter in roots password created above.
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