Update Problem

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at bmarsh.com
Sun Jun 3 19:12:57 UTC 2007

On Sunday 03 June 2007, Mike Teehan wrote:
> On Sunday 03 June 2007 02:26:44 pm Farid Ansari wrote:
> > Hi Bruce,
> > Tried to run <dpkg -a --configure> but it refuses to accept the su
> > password although its correct.
> > Will a repair work like in windows ? where you put in the media and get
> > the option or repair.
> > Thanks for the very quick response.
> > Farid
> Do you really have a 'su' password?  The way to do things as root in
> Kubuntu is 'sudo' and then it just uses the same password that you use to
> login.
> Try 'sudo dpkg -a --configure' and when prompted for a password, enter your
> USER password.
> --- eMpTy

Yes, use sudo.    You may have been reading my previous email where I 
mentioned a script I use that uses  'su'

Yes, I have an su password.    That's one of the first changes I make to a 
newly installed system.    Can't stand putting sudo in front of everything 
after I've been doing things as root for years and years  (and have never 
shot my foot off yet)

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