speaker/volume Problem

dimitris dimitris at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 19:43:23 BST 2007

> With Feisty, the Thinkpad buttons control kmix directly, not the Thinkpad
> speakers.  As a result, I can't turn off the Thinkpad speakers (and
> their marginal sound quality) and still use the external speakers.  If I
> use the Thinkpad mute button, it mutes the entire sound system.  As a
> result, in order to get sound out of the external speakers, I need some
> volume on the internal speakers.
> I don't want to permanently inactivate the internal speakers since I do
> use them when I'm not connected to the dock.
> How can I restore the old situation where the Thinkpad sound buttons are
> controlling only the internal speakers, not kmix?

Have you come across this bug:



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