Kontact vs Kmail startup problem.

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Fri Jun 1 12:11:25 UTC 2007

Peter Lewis wrote:
> I am using a disconnected IMAP server as the resource
> for my calendar and contacts though. I guess that something is making a
> request from that. 
> But... I can't see that anything else is loading before 
> Kontact which might require it. Except... the KOrganizer Reminder Daemon?
> Could it be this? If so, can I change the order in which they're loaded at
> startup?

Yes, korganizer (korgac is the actual program, iirc) will start up and check
your calendar when you first log in.  That can be disabled, somewhere.

I don't think you can do much about the ordering, though - short of telling
it you don't want it run at login, then starting it manually with a script.

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