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On 26/07/07, eric_funke <eric_funke at> wrote:
> Can you post the remark in English? I am sure many in the world out
> here love to know what is going on....

Translation of bluffellerej's post. (Btw, bluffellerej means scamornot)
I added * bullets for readability.

* So, it's not strange that this "company" that's supposed to
revolutionize the market only exists as a £1 company on an anonymous
address in the UK?
* Isn't it strange that MK and Infocare didn't know about the company
in the beginning because everything happened to quickly?
* Isn't it strange that their homepage says taxes/VAT aren't included
whereas he says it's includd on the forum?
* Isn't it strange that they're supposed to maintain a zero balance
and even make a profit, when they get 800 SEK per computer, including
free shipping?
* Isn't it strange that try to hide their troubles in the past on
their homepage, that every company they have been either
de-registered, liquidated (Translation?) or have been filed for
bankruptcy, while they claim that everything have been 100%
* Isn't it strange that they write on their homepage that they plants
in Brazil, and then deny it?
* Isn't it strange that there is no proof whatsoever that these
computers really do exist?
* Isn't it strange that the shipping time is up to 8 weeks?
* Isn't it strange that their "partners" who "advertised" on their
homepage have asked them to remove their banners because they had
never heard of the company?
* Isn't it strange that they have stolen a _completely irrelevant_
Terms of Use & Privacy Policy from Apple, that they're using on their
* Isn't it strange that they've felt the need not to provide any form
telephone contact information?
* Isn't it strange that Valdi doesn't think doesn't feel the need to
pay employment tax and other taxes?
* Isn't it strange that the person behind this doesn't have either an
income or capital?
* Isn't it strange that they're advertising Window Live Messenger,
when their computers are running Linux?
* Isn't it strange that all this is happening during the vacation,
when it's hard to verify information?
* Isn't it strange that Asus, one of the world's largest laptop
manufacturers, are proud about building a $200 computer with far worse
specs than this one, which was in the news about a month ago?
* If each and every one of those points is strange on its own, doesn't
all of this add up to a whole lot of strangeness?

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