Ralph Alvy ralph at ralphalvy.com
Thu Jul 26 02:31:44 BST 2007

Ralph Alvy wrote:
> Well, now I notice that when I reboot, the device names switch back from
> hda... to sda... again. Then if I edit fstab, to accomodate this, the next
> boot it switches back to hda... names again. I guess I should have kept
> those UUIDs. I don't experience this with any other linux distro (Fedora
> Core, Arch, Slackware, for instance), and I use hal and udev in all of
> them. I'll have to read up on UUIDs and see how to generate them anew and
> then use them in fstab.

Okay, I found out how to get me UUIDs back by reading this page:


The command was 

        sudo vol_id -u device

Now I have UUIDs where I need them in my fstab and all is working
consistently now. Thanks to all for pushing me not to fight UUIDs and learn
how to use them.

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