Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Wed Jul 25 18:17:42 BST 2007

Ralph Alvy wrote:

> Is it possible to change the way Kubuntu treats fstab? Here are my
> concerns:

Please, Kubuntu doesn't do any such thing.  It's just Linux.  KDE isn't even
started when the filesystems are mounted.

> 1. I don't like that Kubuntu attempts to fsck every visible patition on
> bootup. I only want it to fsck the root partition. I do not have separate
> partitions for various aspects of this installation, like usr or home,
> etc., but I find Kubuntu also wants to fsck my fat partitions, etc., on
> bootup. I'd like to stop that.

You told it to check them.  Set the last value on the fstab entry to 0, and
it won't.  Please don't complain later, though, that your partition is

> 2. I simply can't stand Kubuntu's rewriting of my fstab on bootup,

It doesn't.  _Once_ it will have done that because of a kernel change.

> dynamically creating labelled entries. I want total control over fstab,
> using traditional entries like /dev/hda1, /dev/hda2, etc., along with my
> own hard-coded mount points.

You have it - /etc/fstab was automatically modified (once) to use UUIDs for
mounting rather than /dev names, because the /dev names are changing.  If
it changes at any other time, it's because you made a change, or installed
something non-standard that does so.  Kubuntu _can_ change the file if you
use "System Settings > Advanced > System Administration > Disk &
Filesystems", but that's under your control.  I would suggest you not use
it, anyway, as I see it has trouble parsing fstab properly.

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