Merging kmail files?

Richard S. Crawford rscrawford at
Tue Jul 24 18:22:40 BST 2007

I currently have two computers that I've used pretty heavily over the past 
couple of years.  My desktop computer, however, has gotten to the point where 
KDE no longer starts up.  I've tried renaming the .kde directory in the hopes 
that I could get it going again, but that didn't work; something deep inside 
KDE is hosed.

For now, I'm using my laptop exclusively.  I can still reach my desktop 
computer's hard drive through SSH, so all my old files are still accessible.

The problem is, I have email on my desktop computer that I need to get to; but 
I also still have email on my laptop computer that I need to keep.  Is there 
a way I can merge the kmail files from both computers so that I can get to 
all of them?

Richard S. Crawford (
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    -Llewellyn, from Ozy & Millie
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