Vodafone pc card. Please help!

Mario Gianni mario.gianni at gmail.com
Sun Jul 22 13:45:30 BST 2007

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Subject:	Re: Vodafone pc card. Please help!
From:	"Howard Coles Jr." <dhcolesj at gmail.com>
Date:		22/07/2007 02:48

On Saturday 21 July 2007 04:20:55 pm Mario Gianni wrote:

> Howard
> I have created the files and I get connected (I see the IP Addr from
> Vodafone when I issue "sudo wvdial hsdpa"). But when I open the browser and
> put any web site I can't get the page. I tried to make some ping through a
> konsole and it seems to work. DNS correctly translates the www link into an
> IP and get a reply.
Ok, well, if you're getting an IP address then we need to find out what 
devices you have, and what errors you're getting.

1st, from a command shell (konsole)
Enter the following:

sudo su -

Then enter your password.
This will get you a "root" shell, so we don't have to keep typing "sudo" at 
the front of every line.
Now, type:


then copy the output and paste it in a reply.

it's not easy to copy everything. Remember I'm writing mails with my Nokia. :)

With ifconfig I get:

eth0 which is the intel wireless card
eth1 which is the intel wired card
(both with mac and no ip addr because not connected. Metric is 1)

lo which is the loopback

then I get after connected with wvdial also

ppp0 link encap point-to-point protocol
inet addr: 83.xx.xx.xx  p-to-p: 10.xx.xx.xx  mask:
up pointopoint running noarp multicast mtu: 1500  metric: 1

then numbers regarding the rx and tx packets and bytes. Please note that if I issue a ping this numbers clearly increase (I believe it means packets correctly go out through the vodafone card).

Then type


and copy the output.

The result of route is:

10.xx.xx.xx (same ip addr as above)  *  UH  0  0  0  ppp0
default  *  U  0  0  0  ppp0

it seems that the routes are through ppp0. They seem fine to me. What do you think?

the only thing is metric which is 0 (field after the flags field).

also tried to issue an apt-get update and it worked. So only browser cannot open web pages! Weird!


See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
John 3:16!

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