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Nigel Ridley nigel at
Sat Jul 21 16:35:02 BST 2007

Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 21/07/07, Nigel Ridley <nigel at> wrote:
>> Using Feisty
>> I copied some files to a USB stick to work om my laptop; made some changes and
>> copied them back to my main box.
>> Problem is is that all the files now have the 'execute' bit set.
>> I have tried using Konqueror file manager to change the permissions (right click >
>> properties > permissions) but I can't find anyway to get rid of the 'execute' bit.
>> I would do it manually to each file but there are loads of them :-(
>> How do I change the permissions to get rid of the 'execute' bit?
>> And is it possible/wise to format a USB stick to ext2?
>> Blessings,
>> Nigel
> chmod * -x or something like that?

I have a main directory containing files and other directories that contain files.
I did try searching for a way to do it recursively but didn't find any examples 
that met my needs - I shall meantime keeping searching...........

> You don't want to format that thing ext2/3. It won't be useable in
> WindBlows anymore, and thus the portability of the device is rather
> compromised. I suppose that you could tar files that you must keep
> permissions for.
> Note that I think that it is unusual that the execute bit would be set
> on files from an insecure device such as a USB stick. I haven't
> checked what this machine, does, though. Can someone verify their
> machine's behaviour?

I actually copied the files from my main Feisty box to the USB stick (an MP3 
player actually) then to my dying laptop running Puppy Linux (live CD). Did some 
work; recopied the edited files and directories back to the USB stick back to my 
main box. That is when I noticed the strange permissions.

> Dotan Cohen



P.S. Dotan did you know that you can buy [some] Dell laptops from and MSI laptops from Ivory without Windows? :-)

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