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Thu Jul 19 21:20:39 BST 2007

Tim M wrote:
>     Ok, started typing, start not making sense.
>     Go here:
>     Never give up, never surrender !
>     Greg
> Well, I am not ready to give up quite yet. I went to the  site above. 
> From what I gather you need to know the PID number for a given 
> program. I founded the link to "process identification number" and got 
> blurry eyed. It didn't tell me, in a way that I could understand, how 
> you find a list of programs and the PID. I ran cat /proc/1/status and 
> got lots of information but didn't understand what it was trying to 
> tell me. For instance I didn't see any program that I have running in 
> the list. So I am still lost :)
> Tm
To kill Thunderbird I would do 'ps aux | grep hunderbird'

I generally like to ignore the first character when searching for a 
process as very rarely the process will start with a capital letter but 
if it does you won't find the process

It should now list all the processes running that match the string 

The second column will give you the PID to issue to the kill command.  
Looking at my machine, Thunderbird has 3 processes running so I would 
issue the command 'kill' followed by the PIDs separated by a space. (ie 
kill 12345 12346 12348)

Hope that helps,

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