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Nigel Ridley nigel at
Thu Jul 19 15:22:23 BST 2007

Ted Frater wrote:
> Nigel Ridley wrote:
>> I was interested in buying one of those Dell/Ubuntu laptops but they are not yet 
>> available here in Israel.
>> BUT, I found a retailer that sells all their laptops without an installed OS - if 
>> I want! :-)
>> So what, of the cheaper range, models would you recommend? What are the Turion 
>> processors like as opposed to the Intel core duo? I did have a quick Google but 
>> their is way too much info out there to digest easily/quickly.
>> Blessings,
>> Nigel
> Dell have a consumer range and their business range.
>   The former  is Inspiron the latter is the Latitude.
>   If your going to use it for business do purchase 3 yr on site next 
> business working day warranty.
>  Essential.
> As for build  quality , IBM lenovo are still the best.
> whats just as important tho is where the nearest service depot is. Talk 
> to them first to see what support your going to get
> you need a laptop that has an installed base of 1000's. there will be 
> more spares for those around than say the latest  high flying model
> I personally always go for a second hand ex corporate leasing laptop.
>  If its survived 3  yearsof leasing it will have has a good burn in.
>  Never failed me.
>  And I supply laptops to friends.
>  Only IBM tho.
>  hope this helps.

Thanks for the advice. I just looked at the Thinkpad line-up and they all seem to 
have the new Core2 duo processors - of which there is a serious warning:
"At this time, I cannot recommend purchase of any machines based on the
Intel Core 2 until these issues are dealt with (which I suspect will
take more than a year). Intel must be come more transparent."

I don't think that there is a second hand ex corporate leasing option here in 
Israel - it's a very small country.

I was considering the Inspiron 1501 but am not sure about the Turion 64 X2 TL50 
and the ATI Mobility™ Radeon® Xpress 1150 - how does Kubuntu manage with these?



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