Speeding up KDE -- More Help Needed

Earl Violet ejviolet at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 18 01:16:16 BST 2007

> Robert Tilley wrote:
> > Many of the tips on cleaning up memory were extremely helpful.
> > 
> > My Dell Dimension 2350 box has 512 MB.  KDE 3.5.6, KInfoCenter
> shows about
> > 6.24 megs free at the moment.

I'm not sure what you want to do but I run a Dell Optiplex cx110 with
512 MB.  I seldom use swap space.  It's a P3 866.

I run Dapper and Edgy.  For some reason I couldn't get Feisty
installed.  I run Konqueror for everything web and file related.  I
run very little I don't need.  Usually Konqueror and Kopete and an
xterm and Emacs.  I run Debian Etch on the same box.  

I don't know if you're wedded to something in Kubuntu but Etch with
KDE seems faster to me.  I didn't run formal tests because I never
felt it important.  What I perceive is more important than facts.


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