Thank you for your "Help"!!

Macario Valle macariov at
Tue Jul 17 22:53:14 BST 2007

I do not know how much power Derek has on this group, and I really not
But, it makes my blood boil when customers are mistreated, and make no
mistake, whether paid or not this is a customer.  
If any of us did not feel like helping the newby, let it go.  Linux is
out there to gain market share, and, yes, we do not get paid, we help
each other.  But everytime someone helps me, I get paid for my efforts,
online and offline, on helping those were I can.
My motto is "pass it forward", meaning someone has helped me in the
past, so I am morally obligated to help anybody I can, when i can.

That is how linux has gone from zero market share to where iti s today,
and we should hope the numbers just keep on growing so that we can have
more people helping people and this very nice experiment keeps prospers.

Ian should not feel like he needs to leave the user group just because
one member did not like his very basic questions.  i have been there,
Some Unix geek helped me back in college, a long time ago.  i feel I
should do the same.  That's what user's groups like this one should be
all about.
My two cents, maybe i am naive, but maybe naive is good in this case.

On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 23:04 +0200, Ian Whitfield wrote:
> Derek Comment on question posted by me......
> First you need to learn how to use your email program properly.  Quoting
> like this makes it pretty difficult to hold a conversation.
> I'm not sure you'll find much support forthe level of hand-holding you're
> asking for.  If people start putting [Newbie] in their subject lines, a lot
> of readers will just skip the question.  Sure some will help, but this is
> Linux, and there's not a lot of interest in helping people who can't help
> themselves.
> Given that I just told you to check the contents of a file, and run a
> program IN WINDOWS, I can't see that I can make things much simpler for
> you.
> ------------------
> Well all I can say is "thank you"!! If this is the kind of support here I will move on. I can do without it! No wonder Linux has such a bad name in many circles. I had noticed a couple of "flames" here towards others asking reasonable questions and wondered about this!!
> For the record I have run eMail clients for the past 15 years and currently have a 1000 member group with a monthly newsletter so I DO know how to use the program. I DID NOT put "newby" in the subject I just commented that that is what I am (in Linux!!). I was a support manager for over 20 years so DO KNOW what I'm doing with Windows and I did see the Windows part of the answer but stress again that the Linux part I did not understand (because I'm a "Newby" We all have to start somewhere!!
> Don't bother to reply Derek I will move on and find some better help elsewhere!
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