Firefox to use Kaffeine or get totem to work

Edmund Laugasson ed.lau at
Tue Jul 17 17:16:43 BST 2007

>> I would actually download real player for Linux. I have used it before, and
>> it works pretty well.
> I'd happily use the real player.
> I've downloaded and installed it (before I sent my first message). Firefox 
> wants to use totem, and I can't find any way to change its mind - even on a 
> one-shot basis.

I would suggest mplayerplug-in 
It is at multiverse repository.

You have to remove manually other (e.g. Totem's) plugins from Firefox plugins directory - 

You may create separate folder and temporarly remove those files or symlinks to another folder and 
all the time you can check from Firefox (about:plugins - type it onto address bar and press F5 or 
click refresh to see result after you change plugins folder contents), what plugins it have. In 
addition of multimedia format support, see also, what plugin it uses. If it's mplayerplug-in, what 
offers that format support - then it's OK.

MPlayer and its codecs can play almost everything, what can be produced (including Real Media 
formats). I suggest to use EasyUbuntu to install MPlayer's w32codec pack. It can be also downloaded 
from MPlayer server and after unpacking to copy /usr/lib/codecs/ folder and create also symlink with 
name /usr/lib/win32/, because different programs are using different paths.
After that you have to restart mplayer if it has been restarted before plugins installation.

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