Syncing Palm Tungsten T with Kontact

Macario Valle macariov at
Wed Jul 11 14:46:14 BST 2007

On Wed, 2007-07-11 at 10:47 +0200, Laurent Asorne wrote:
> Hi! I'm experiencing problems when trying to sync my Palm device with Kontact 
> through Kpilot. My device is connected to the PC via USB and it worked all 
> fine until I had to reinstall Kubuntu lately. Now the Handheld is even not 
> detected by the Kpilot configuration wizard... The cables are correctly 
> connected and I've pushed the Sync Button on the cradle and all that, but 
> still there's nothing detected by the wizard.
> How can I see if the PC could detect the device on a terminal? 'modprobe usb' 
> gives me: 'Unknown module usb' ...
> Laurent Asorne
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Start by trying:
sudo lsusb
that should give you a list of all the usb devices connected to your
computer.  if you need details  do "sudo lsusb -v | more".  the reason
for more is that this will spew a lot of output. 
Macario Valle <macariov at>

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