Boot issues using multiple drives

Andrew Jarrett jarrett.andrew at
Fri Jul 6 13:14:27 BST 2007

On 7/5/07, Jeff Yowell <jeff_yowell at> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for their input.
> If I can't use Grub on a PPC machine, how else might I be able to edit the
> MBR?
> Thanks
> Jeff

I think that LILO is a boot-loader that will run on PPC.  Could anyone
confirm this?  Jeff, I am sure that you can find some tutorials to
help you install and configure LILO if you need it.  I have never used
LILO, so I do not even know if this is a valid solution, but I don't
see why it wouldn't work.


45 5F E1 04 22 CA 29 C4 93 3F 95 05 2B 79 2A B2

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