HELP! No X on startup

D. R. Evans doc.evans at
Thu Jul 5 18:09:06 BST 2007

Sven Richter said the following at 07/04/2007 09:28 AM :

> Surely no mystery :-)
> The failure is a typical failure for installing nvidia drivers which
> require the nvidia.ko module, updating the kernel, rebooting,
> and oops, theres no kernel module for the actual kernel available.
> So you have to recompile the module for the actual version.
> Or, better, the nvidia installer does it for you if you use the 
> proprietary driver from nvidia.
> And that rebooting after a kernel upgrade is required doesnt
> automatically mean everybody does it ;-)

Well, I did wonder a bit about that in the back of my mind, since I think
that there was a kernel update not long ago. But booting the prior kernel
using GRUB didn't change the symptoms, so I didn't follow that line of
thought any further.


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