Neil Winchurst neil at
Wed Jul 4 12:54:01 BST 2007

Are there any experts out there on knoda and hk-classes?

I am using knoda as a front-end to mysql. I am still learning about it.
(I have worked with databases for many years so I mean that I am
learning about knoda and hk-classes).

I am testing a setup with a form using two linked tables. The tables
are 'sales' and 'products' I have set up the relationship all right as
far as I can see. For each field on the form I have to select from two 
datasources. This was the first surprise. I expected to have just one
datasource available showing all the columns from both tables. The
choice is between

A. sales
B. products [sales]

Using A I get only the columns in sales.
Using B I get only the columns in products.

Second surprise. I would have expected to have all the columns from both
tables available to me from at least one of the datasources, which is
how it worked when I was using  Paradox. I can't seem to find any way
round this.

Any pointers or suggestions from anyone please?

Neil Winchurst

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