Drivers for ATI and Nvidia expressPCI

arcorreia kubadmin at
Tue Jul 3 17:30:45 BST 2007

Regarding your discussion about Ubuntu vs Kubuntu.
Ubuntu is a south african dialect word meaning "towards mankind". It was 
adopted as the name of this linux distribution and, as historically it first 
came out with Gnome as it's desktop manager, this was the designation kept.
When later they gave us the chance to choose KDE as the desktop manager they 
added the letter K to the beginning of the word in order to make a 
In practical terms the underlying engine is the same so it makes no difference 
in what regards device drivers, if you read something about them in an Ubuntu 
forum it will apply to Kubuntu and vice versa.
Only Gnome or KDE issues are specific to those environments though for 
instance in what concerns apps they are quite compatible.
I'm using Kubuntu but nevertheless I use Nautilus as my file manager (instead 
of Konqueror) and Synaptic as my package manager (instead of Adept), just to 
mention a few.
Adept or Synaptic will load the gnome or kde libs necessary to run these apps.
You can also install both environments and choose which one to use at login 
It would be probably less confusing for everyone if they rename sometime in 
the furture Ubuntu to Gubuntu.
We would then have a consistent designation for the whole family of variants 
of the distribution.

Ubuntu - Refering to the packages that are the basis of all variants and with 
forums/mailing lists dealing with all packages that are common among them.
Gubuntu - Gnome related issues for the Ubuntu family of dists.
Kubuntu - KDE related...
Edubuntu - EDU related ...

I think this is a better approach than the current one. We could be discussing 
things like drivers, sound, codecs, etc on a common Ubuntu forum/mailing list  
and dist related thinks like how to configure kmail or thunderbird in the 
forum/mailing list that's environment specific.

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