where should I install the boot loader? suggestions welcomes

ac "aec$news" at candt.waitrose.com
Wed Jan 31 16:31:57 GMT 2007

Plamen Petkov wrote:
> I got 6.06 kubuntu, and I want to install it on my second hard drive - 
> hdb. 


>The drive is a  slave and has a 70 Gig NTFS  XP partition.

is this the second HD hdb?
is the HD only 70GB size?
what is on the first HD  (hda) - windows?, just to be clear

> I have 
> re-partitioned it with 

is my understanding correct here - second drive is 70 GB and has two 
partions which fill the space (?)

 > a Linux partition and swap partition at the
 > beginning.

It sounds like you created the partitions and formatted also?

which install method do you intend to use?

install from live CD will most easily just work (with no manual 
decisions) if it sees (a windows partition and) an empty space or 
drive. Simply choose
hdb - 'take over whole drive'

> My question is where should I install the GRUB boot loader? 

the default install will modify your MBR to point also to the grub 
files in the main linux (  /  ) partition I believe.

(The MBR can be normalised back to windows only using ( fix mbr [check 
this]) or similar from a win startup diskette if you ever need to)

>I think 
> Inside the MBR of hda is the best place.

the mbr remains in original place, though modified, pointing 
elsewhere. Grub can go anywhere if you wish, but the default is pretty 

> I'd hate to mess up my XP  since it's a brand new install and all.




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