right alt key and kde

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jan 30 03:01:27 GMT 2007

Andy Harrison wrote:

> I finally got around to investigating why my right alt key doesn't
> work as expected.  xev shows my left alt key as "keycode 64 (keysym
> 0xffe9, Alt_L)" and my right alt key as "keycode 113 (keysym 0xfe03,
> ISO_Level3_Shift)" so obviously it's intentional.

It's certainly intentional that they should be different, otherwise it would
be impossible to map them to different functions.  Insisting that two
different keys must do the same job is so Windowsish :-)

> I found other people asking questions about it, but I didn't turn up
> any answers other than how to fix it in gnome.  Such as posts like
> this
> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-182854.html
> In KDE, I can go into System Settings, Keyboard, Keyboard Shorcuts,
> Modifier Keys tab, and see the mapping, but cannot modify it there.

Wrong place :-)  Try "Regional & Language" (that was obvious,
right?), "Keyboard Settings". "Xkb options".  (Be warned that others are
telling me this doesn't work, but it does for me).  It's pretty obscure,
though, so unless you understand setxkbmap (the command line for which is
displayed below the checkboxes) you still may not be able to figure out
what you want.
> What is the appropriate way to fix this behavior?  I could just do an
> xmodmap of course, but I'd rather fix it at the point where it is
> being configure this way rather than something that's fixed each time
> I log in...

That's what KDE does, but this is the place to do it (as long as it

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